An analysis of the songs of the christian punk band mxpx

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An analysis of the songs of the christian punk band mxpx

MxPx is a Christian pop-punk band.

Pokinatcha (1994)

Pop punk basically means happy punk. The band members, are Mike Herrera who plays bass and sings, Tom Wisniewski who plays guitar and Yuri Ruley plays drums.

They played about 10 songs, all of which I knew. Some of their songs have to do with society problems through the eyes of a teenager. At the show, the first song they played was one of my favorite's, "Teenage Politics".

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Some of the lyrics to this song are, "No I'm not mad but I think they forget what it's like and how hard it is to be a teenager. This is a new day and age, we read a different book where Elvis ain't the rage and polyester ain't the look. Is it time again to disagree about anything, everything and what's on TV it's a vicious circle, never ending a linear equation worldly extending.

No, I'll never be like you; I'll never be like you.

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I'm just like you! The first couple lines of state, "Legalistic people suck. Legalism makes me sick. Since they are a Christian punk band, of course they have to play religious songs.

One really good song that they played there was "False Fiction".MxPx released the full-length album Secret Weapon in , the band's first release on its original label Tooth & Nail since 's Life in General.

The album debuted at No. 76 on the Billboard ; it also went to No.

An analysis of the songs of the christian punk band mxpx

1 on the Billboard's Christian chart. The album's sound goes back to the group's beginning sound.

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Jul 15,  · As for labels, its Tooth & Nail, the epitomy of Christian punk, cry baby, etc labels. As far as bands, its MXPX, which blends pop melodies, punk influence, and their love for the man up top.

I don't want to get religious, but personally, I'm not religious at all.3/ Peak Punk Album: Banana Man, Christian punk rock’s answer to Blink , the three piece’s music was as much about joking around as it was about anything else.

Banana Man . At the Show captures MxPx live in concert, running through 22 songs taken from nearly all of their albums. The band's punk-pop style has long favored the latter half of that term, and although these versions are sometimes rawer, they stick more to that original feel.7/ Here, MxPx gets political again in “Pipe Dreams”, a fast punk song similar in feel to “20/20”, with the brilliant line “Faced with a nation divided, engaged in reality Star Wars,” and “Infrastructure and pipeline, now lay broken supply lines.

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