Why mma fighting should be legal

University of Toronto researchers examined records and videos from Ultimate Fighting Championship bouts from to for the study published this month. They found that matches or nearly 13 percent ended in knockouts. Another matches, or 21 percent, ended in technical knockouts, usually after a combatant was hit in the head five to 10 times in the last 10 seconds before the fight was stopped. An American Journal of Sports Medicine study found that one-third of professional MMA matches end in knockout or technical knockout, indicating a higher incidence of brain trauma than boxing.

Why mma fighting should be legal

MMAjunkie Staff June 11, 7: But the fight people seem to be talking about is between controversial heavyweight and former NFL player Greg Hardywho meets another ex-NFL player, Austen Laneon the card.

Hardy is relatively new to MMA. He made his amateur debut this past November and picked up a second TKO win. His second fight was three times as long, but he finished it with a head-kick TKO. That ended his career with the Panthers, and he signed with the Dallas Cowboys the following spring.

Why mma fighting should be legal

That suspension was reduced to four games, and he finished out the year in Dallas. But after the season, the team chose to not re-sign him, and none of the other 31 teams in the league went after the defensive end before the next season.

While he still was playing for the Cowboys, the domestic violence charges against him were expunged from his record.

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Additionally, in Septemberhe was arrested for felony possession of a controlled substance in Texas. Afterward, White picks one or two winning fighters to get UFC contracts based on their performances. And that means if Hardy wins and is impressive enough in what will be his professional MMA debut, his next bout conceivably could be in the UFC if he does enough to convince White he should be there.

Dashawn Boatwright Chris Curtis vs. Sean Lally Greg Hardy vs. Austen Lane Rico DiSciullo vs. Montel Jackson Kevin Holland vs.A makeshift fight spaces for the Newbreed Ultimate Challenge, a grappling/jiu jitsu tournament that's open to anyone over the age of five who's got a taste for fighting and $79 for the.

Fighting is completely legal in Arizona, Michigan, and Virginia. It is illegal in Washington, Colorado, and New York. And all others fall in between. Watch video · Dana White’s Contender Series returns to UFC Fight Pass on Tuesday, and the lineup features a polarizing figure from the NFL world.

The event . "Should UFC be banned for being to barbaric?" Bull fighting, cock fighting, dog fighting, street fighting, and wars should be banned before the UFC for being too barbaric.

The UFC is a company that promotes the Mixed Martial Arts, which is a regulated sport, legal in the USA and a lot of other countries on the planet, in which two.

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While I respect the argument that professional fighting is a way both to stay fit and channel negative energy, I do not believe that MMA should be the outlet.

There are a wide range of professional fight sports (wrestling, boxing, etc) which, though violent, do not feature brutality to . The kids of MMA are taking their cues from the 'Ultimate Fighting Championship' or 'UFC' where moves like the 'Ground Pound' and the 'Cobra Strangle' have millions tuning in every week.

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